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The Team

Thomas Gunn
Managing Director

Tom has many titles, he is our Managing Director, Compass Adjuster & Company Owner. With his entire life dedicated to the industry, the short version is that he started as a Compass Adjuster at the age of 21 and he triumphantly went on to establish Thomas Gunn Navigation Services Ltd, we are grateful to have a humble mentor at the helm of the company. The 36 years of experience he had at TGNS has set PNS Ltd in good stead for the future. Tom’s leadership, total commitment and loyalty to all the staff employed within the organisation means that the service provided to all the customers around the world goes unrivalled.  Tom is one of many fitness fanatic’s within the team, arguably the most adventurous. His list of hobbies is almost as impressive as his resume.

Cherie Timney-Gunn
Company Secretary

Cherie is a Director and the Company Secretary. If we had to sum up her role here in one word we’d say Mum! Cherie manages to keep the Poseidon crew in order and with her background in the Women’s Royal Air Force she makes it look easy, fine skills learnt to deal with this team on a daily basis! Just kidding we are a delightful bunch, except maybe one or two cheeky chaps, can you guess who?

Hermann Assanvo
Finance & Operations Director

Hermann is our Finance & Operations Director. There’s no task too big or a challenge that he will say no to. There’s not much he can’t do, a hard worker to say the least. Hermann makes time for each member of the team and his positive attitude is an asset to him, the man really has no weaknesses. Actually on second thought, come to think of it, he does have one Achilles heel… Haribo!

Claire Nicol
Sales Executive

Claire is the Sales Executive of PNS Ltd, she’s often travelling promoting our Outfit Management Services or on the Bridge of a vessel installing Challenger & getting to know our customers, one of the perks of the job, we think. With her background in the Fleet Management department and her involvement in the Chart and Nautical Instrument Trade Association we are pleased Claire is in this customer facing role, friendly with a sense of humour she gets on well with everyone!

Lauren Wilson
Senior Fleet Manager

Lauren is a Senior Fleet Manager, we are proud to say she has been with Poseidon since the very beginning. Coming from a family of fishermen Lauren understands first hand the challenges that Seafarer’s face and is more than happy to do her part in the industry. If we ever need some fitness inspiration, Lauren is our go to, she’s a dedicated runner and gym junkie! She’s also useful to have around because if you need to recall what happened anytime, ever, ask her, she’ll know, a memory to rival an elephants!

Karen Leal
Senior Fleet Manager

Karen wins the award for longest standing employee to Thomas Gunn, she has been by Tom’s side for 27 years! As Senior Fleet Manager it’s fair to say she brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the table. When the office lights turn out at 5o’clock Friday, Karen tells us she loves nothing more than heading home to her lovely family but most importantly with a bottle of wine in hand, after all it’s well deserved after a week with us lot!

Kristina Hmelauskaite
Fleet Manager

Kristina is one of our Fleet Managers. She is highly organised and loves a challenge which makes her a great asset to the team! She can speak three languages and has an interest to learn a further two, originally from Latvia, she likes to give the team a giggle with her pronunciation of some of the Scottish towns. Kristina doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty on the weekends under the hood of the car, she’s been seen sporting a few vehicles to the office. Fun fact – she’s a talented artist, so much so some of her work has been bought!

Christopher Singer
Fleet Management

Chris, our newest member of the Fleet Management department has fit in nicely with our gang of girls, bringing some masculinity to the team… although when we asked him to tell us what he gets up to on the weekend he replied saying he spends his Friday nights painting his daughter’s nails, well Chris no wonder you fit in so well. Chris has an extensive background in Sales, when he isn't busy seeing to our customers needs, you may find him on the road visiting new clients. 

Madi Assanvo
Credit Controller & Treasurer

Madi is our Credit Controller and Treasurer, the department is fast paced however we believe her biggest task is being married to Hermann. Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman, right? Efficient and organised, Madi could compete in a financial race with a robot and she’d still finish first! One of her favourite past times is cooking, if she ever invites you round for dinner, say yes, you’ll be in for a treat!

Ellie Thomas-Gunn
General Assistant

Ellie is our General Assistant here at Poseidon, she provides support to the whole team… God Bless you Ellie!  As Tom & Cherie’s daughter you’d think she would be the Princess of Poseidon but no, in fact Ellie is the Rock Chick of the office and she’ll dance with anyone to a good rock ballad, except Mum or Dad!

Jerome Maguire
Apprentice Compass Adjuster

Jerome is our very own Irish GI Joe, if he’s not kayaking, fishing, shooting or horse riding he’ll be in our warehouse organising the orders and getting ready to deliver them to our local customers. So, if you see this man in the blue Poseidon van give him a wave! Jerome has recently started his apprenticeship to become a qualified Compass Adjuster, working under the guidance of Thomas Gunn.

Chelsea Barber

Chelsea is the Caretaker of Maritime House. Between maintaining the office, warehouse and the grounds she is a busy bee. If we ever need to find her it turns into an extravaganza of hide and seek, which on a sunny day actually seems quite appealing! Chelsea is another keen runner and hiker in the team, it’s surprising our annual staff party isn’t held at a Tough Mudder event!

Emma Reid
Grounds Maintenance

Emma is part of our Grounds Maintenance team, a self-confessed outdoor lover! If there’s an opportunity for her to wear wellies she’ll take it! Last year Emma took the leap of faith to change careers from an indoor setting to the outdoor world of adventure, and we haven’t been able to wipe that smile off her face ever since.

Daniel Miller
Grounds Maintenance

Dan joined the Grounds maintenance team in Spring 2021, he enjoys flyfishing at Millbuies loch whenever he gets the chance and frequently plays basketball. Dan has integrated well into the team taking an array of skills with him to maintain the beautiful gardens here at HQ.