Management Profile

Thomas Gunn (Managing Director)

Thomas Gunn (Managing Director)

Thomas Gunn is very proud of his North East background. He was brought up in North Shields, which is situated on the river Tyne, which was famous the world over for shipbuilding and ship repair. He served his apprenticeship as a Nautical Instrument Maker/Compass Adjuster, with a local company called John Lilley and Gillie, studied mechanical engineering at Newcastle Polytechnic for 4 years, then went onto South Shields Marine College for a further 2 years on the Foreign Master Course studying to become a fully qualified compass adjuster. He gained his certificate of competency as a fully qualified compass adjuster through the Board of Trade in 1977.

He moved up to Aberdeen in August 1978 to establish his own business, Thomas Gunn Navigation Services Ltd, with very humble beginnings, the fledgling company, went on to become the worlds most successful  International Admiralty Chart Agent, with offices worldwide, covering all the time zones, providing chart management services to ship owners and ship managers around the globe.

His leadership, total commitment and loyalty to all the staff employed within his organisation meant that the service provided to all his customers around the world was unrivalled by the competition.

After 36 years behind the helm at Thomas Gunn Navigation Services Ltd, steering the company through some stormy times, always managing to bring the company back onto calm waters, through good management, innovative ideas, software development, digital solutions and the retention of long term customer contracts, the company was sold in November 2012 to a private equity company based in London.

Since selling his company, he has travelled the world the past 2 years with his new wife Cherie, visited many places on his bucket list and has kept a very close eye on what the new owners have done to his previously owned company.

The 2 year legal agreement signed with the private equity company came to an end in November 2014, therefore Thomas Gunn established his new business, Poseidon Navigation Services Ltd. New offices and warehouse were built, north of Aberdeen and key members of staff employed.

He is responsible for business development, customer contracts and relationships, sales and marketing, compass adjusting and service.