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New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 8th April 2021


431 Brazil – Southern Coast, Porto de Sepetiba and Approaches. Continuation to CSA Terminal. 08/04/2021
1270 International Chart Series, Korea – West Coast, Ando to Incheon Hang. Yeongheung Sudo 08/04/2021
1274 Black Sea – Turkey, Samsun and Fatsa with Approaches.

A. Samsun.

B. Approaches to Samsun.

C. Approaches to Fatsa.

1275 Black Sea – Turkey, Ereğli to Amasra.

A. Amasra.

B. Bartin Limanı.

C. Zonguldak. D Ereğli.

2214 Black Sea including Marmara Denizi and Sea of Azov. 08/04/2021
2230 Black Sea, Constanţa to Kefken Adası. 08/04/2021
2232 Black Sea – Romania and Ukraine, Constanţa to Yalta 08/04/2021
2236 Black Sea, Turkey, Georgia and Russia, Tirebolu to Tuapse. 08/04/2021
2237 Black Sea, Turkey, İnceburun to Işikli Burnu. 08/04/2021
2238 Black Sea – Turkey, Kefken Adasi to İnceburun. 08/04/2021
2283 Black Sea – Bulgaria, Maslen Nos to Nos Kaliakra. 08/04/2021

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publications Published 8th April 2021


NP74 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals British Isles and North Coast of France from Dunkerque to the Entrance to Goulet de Brest including North Sea Oil and Gas Production Installations Volume A 2nd Edition 2021. 08/04/2021
NP314-22 & e-NP314 ADMIRALTY The Nautical Almanac Her Majesty’s Almanac Office 2022. 08/04/2021

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 22nd April 2021


908      Italy – West Coast, Golfo di Napoli and Golfo di Salerno. 22/04/2021
2347 Korea – Japan, Southern Japan and Adjacent Seas. 22/04/2021
2412 China, Taiwan and Japan, East China Sea. 22/04/2021
2970 International Chart Series, Somalia and Yemen, Eastern Approaches to the Gulf of Aden. Boosaaso. 22/04/2021
3329 South America – East Coast, Argentina, Mar del Plata to Segunda Barranca. 22/04/2021
3335 South America – East Coast, Puerto Santa Cruz to Estrecho de Magallanes. 22/04/2021
3480 China, Korea and Japan, Yellow Sea and Korea Strait. 22/04/2021
3489 International Chart Series, South China Sea – Northeast Part, Manila to Hong Kong. 22/04/2021
3696 China – Yellow Sea, Dalian Gang, Nianyuwan Gangqu and Dagushan Wan. 22/04/2021
3697 China – Yellow Sea, Dalian Gang and Approaches. 22/04/2021

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8001 Port Approach Guide, Tees Bay. 06/05/2021
8045 Port Approach Guide, Humber Sea Terminal and Kingston upon Hull. 06/05/2021
8046 Port Approach Guide, Immingham. 06/05/2021
8047 Port Approach Guide, Approaches to the River Humber. 06/05/2021
8064 Port Approach Guide, Harwich and Felixstowe. 06/05/2021
8163 Port Approach Guide, Dunkerque. 06/05/2021
8164 Port Approach Guide, Approaches to Dunkerque including Calais. 06/05/2021
8230 Port Approach Guide, Amsterdam and Ijmuiden. 06/05/2021
8231 Port Approach Guide, Approaches to Ijmuiden and Amsterdam. 06/05/2021
8244 Port Approach Guide, Harlingen (Netherlands). 06/05/2021

ADMIRALTY Charts Independently Withdrawn


1272 Black Sea, Giresun, İğneada, İnebolu and Sinop with Approaches. 08/04/2021
1279 Black Sea – Turkey, Ordu, Trabzon, Rize and Hopa with Approaches. 08/04/2021
AUS133 Australia – South Coast, Plans in South Australia (Sheet 3). 08/04/2021
AUS135 Australia – South Coast, Plans in South Australia (Sheet 4). 08/04/2021