Chart & Publications Title Edition Due
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 29th August 2019
114 International Chart Series, Netherlands and Belgium, Canal Gent – Terneuzen. 29/08/2019
207 International Chart Series, Netherlands, Hoek van Holland to Vlaardingen. 29/08/2019
208 International Chart Series, Netherlands, Rotterdam, Nieuwe Maas and Oude Maas. 29/08/2019
873 International Chart Series, Sweden – West Coast, Marstrand. 29/08/2019
893 International Chart Series, Gulf of Bothnia, Norra Kvarken. 29/08/2019
1199 China – East Coast, Ningbo Gang to Changjiang Kou. Luhuashan Anchorage. 29/08/2019
1505 China – Yellow Sea, Qingdao Gang and Jiaozhou Wan. 29/08/2019
1748 Malaysia – Sarawak, Bintulu and Pelabuhan Bintulu. 29/08/2019
1771 International Chart Series, South Atlantic Ocean, Saint Helena Dependencies, Saint Helena with Approaches to Ascension Island. 29/08/2019
2037 International Chart Series, England – South Coast, Eastern Approaches to The Solent. 29/08/2019
2100 Malaysia – Sarawak, Approaches to Bintulu Port. 29/08/2019
2414 Singapore to Song Sai Gon and the Gulf of Thailand. 29/08/2019
2451 International Chart Series, English Channel, Newhaven to Dover and Cap d’Antifer to Cap Gris-Nez. 29/08/2019
3482 South China Sea – South-West Part, Singapore Strait to Song Sai Gon. 29/08/2019
New ADMIRALTY Publications Published 29th August 2019
GP-100 The Astronomical Almanac 2020 29/08/2019
NP79 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume F 2019/20 North-East Indian Ocean, Central part of South China and Eastern Archipelagic Seas (North of the Equator), excluding China, and South-West part of Philippine Sea. 26/07/2019
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 12th September 2019
120 International Chart Series, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Vlissingen-Oost to Nauw van Bath. 12/09/2019
1259 Korea – South Coast, Busan and Masan. 12/09/2019
1277 Colombia – North Coast, Punta Canoas to Isla Fuerte. Puerto Covenas. 12/09/2019
2564 United States – East Coast, New Jersey – Delaware, Delaware Bay. 12/09/2019
2603 United States – East Coast, Delaware River, Delaware Point to Little Tinicum Island. 12/09/2019
2604 United States – East Coast, Pennsylvania – New Jersey, Delaware River, Philadelphia and Camden. 12/09/2019
2605 United States – East Coast, Pennsylvania – New Jersey, Delaware River, Philadelphia to Trenton. 12/09/2019
2813 United States – East Coast, Virginia, Hampton Roads and Newport News. 12/09/2019
2814 United States – East Coast, Virginia, Norfolk Harbor and Elizabeth River. 12/09/2019
2829 United States – East Coast, Virginia, Chesapeake Bay, Lynnhaven Roads. 12/09/2019
2850 United States – East Coast, Maryland, Chespeake Bay, Approaches to Baltimore. Baltimore Harbor. 12/09/2019
2919 United States – East Coast, Virginia, Chesapeake Bay Entrance. 12/09/2019
2921 United States – East Coast, Maryland, Chesapeake Bay, Point No Point to Love Point. 12/09/2019
2922 United States – East Coast, Maryland – Delaware, Chesapeake Bay, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal and the Northern Approaches to Baltimore. 12/09/2019
3177 International Chart Series, United Arab Emirates, Outer Approaches to Abu Dhabi (Abu Zaby). 12/09/2019
3715 United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi (Abu Zaby). Mina Zayid. 12/09/2019
4039 Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, Western Approaches to Main Strait. 12/09/2019
4041 Singapore and Indonesia, Pulau Sebarok to Changi. 12/09/2019
4042 Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, Changi to Pulau Mungging and Tanjung Buntan to Tanjung Tondang. 12/09/2019