Chart & Publications Title Edition Due
New Admiralty Charts Published 31st January 2019
2996 United States – Bahamas – Cuba, Cuba to Bahama Islands including Straits of Florida 31/01/2019
3001 West Indies, Cuba to Puerto Rico 31/01/2019
New Editions of Admiralty Charts Published 31st January 2019
29 Brazil – South Coast, Porto de Santos 31/01/2019
587 Brazil – South Coast, Porto de Paranagua and Porto de Antonina. 31/01/2019
655 Mexico – West Coast, Puerto Lazaro Cardenas and Approaches. 31/01/2019
1190 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, Flamborough Head to Blakeney Point. 31/01/2019
2166 France – South Coast, Cavalaire-sur-Mer to Rade d’Agay. 31/01/2019
2170 International Chart Series, France – South Coast, Rade de Toulon. 31/01/2019
3284 Shetland Islandds, Moul of Eswick to Lunna Holm including Out Skerries. 31/01/2019
3292 Shetland Islands, Eastern Approaches to Yell Sound, Colgrave Sound and Bluemull Sound. Cullivoe. 31/01/2019
3298 International Chart Series, Shetland Islands, Yell Sound. 31/01/2019
3453 China – Taiwan Strait, Jiulongjiang Kou. 31/01/2019
3836 Malaysia – Sarawak, Kuala Rajang to Kuala Mukah. 31/01/2019
New Editions of Admiralty Publications Published 31st January 2019
NP83 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume K Western Pacific Ocean, South of the Equator. Including Bismarck, Solomon, Coral and Tasman Seas. 2019/20 Edition. 31/01/2019
NP284 ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals. Meteorological Observation Stations. 2018/19 Edition. 31/01/2019
New Editions of Admiralty Charts Published 14th February 2019
1201 China – Huang Hai, Guanhe Kou to Rizhao Gang. 14/02/2019
1392 International Chart Series, Africa – West Coast, Ports and Anchorages in Togo and Benin. 14/02/2019
1949 International Chart Series, Malaysia – Sarawak, Approaches to Miri and Batang Baram. 14/02/2019
CP1 Panama – North Coast, Panama Canal, Atlantic Entrance including Adjacent Ports. 14/02/2019
CP2 Panama Canal, North Gatun Lake. 14/02/2019
CP3 Panama Canal, South Gatun Lake. 14/02/2019
CP4 Panama Canal, Gaillard Cut. 14/02/2019
CP5 Pacific Coast, Panama Canal, Pacific Entrance. Puerto de Balboa. 14/02/2019
Intention to withdraw charts on 28th February 2019
1432 France – North Coast, Le Four to Ile Vierge. 28/02/2019