Company News

26May 2020

The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) has released a new Guidance paper on Static Towing Assembly. This Guidance provide technical guidance on selecting fit for purpose towing assemblies that minimize risk of injury to crew members or damage to equipment and optimize the effectiveness of static towing operations.

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12May 2020

The Challenger software has been developed by Poseidon Navigation Services Ltd to provide the Mariner with a simple yet effective solution for receiving weekly Notices to Mariners and updated data for Charts, Publications official ENC’s and e-Publications.

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21Apr 2020

This publication provides guidance to port State control officers (PSCOs) on the conduct of inspections of foreign ships, in order to promote consistency in the way inspections are carried out worldwide, and to harmonize the criteria for deciding on deficiencies found on board relating to the ship, its equipment or its crew, as well as the application of procedures.

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